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Welcome to Where the Flowers Grow Parent Resource page!


Over my years as an ECE, as well as during my time obtaining my diploma in Early Learning and

Child Care I have collected and learned about many wonderful resources! I decided my website would be the perfect place to catalogue and share them. I believe that sharing these resources will help build a community of supported, well-informed families that can in turn feel empowered and knowledgeable about their children's growth and development.

The benefits of resources: 

  • Providing support and information 

  • Improves parent empowerment and competency 

  • Increases positive parenting practices 

  • Builds social connections 

  • Improves communication 

  • Enhances parent-child interactions 

  • Improves parental mental health and well-being 

This page is still in the works, keep checking back for more resourses! 

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