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Family Events

Family involvement is so important for children to feel that connection between home and care. When children feel connected they also feel safe, secure and supported. Here are some fun opportunities for you to join us this spring and summer! 

Image by Gabe Pierce

April 14, 2022

Family Easter Hunter 

Join us Thursday April 14 at 4:30pm for an easter egg hunt. Each little one will have a basket and a set of coloured eggs to find with your help! Afterwards stick around for some tasty treats and beverages.

** Each egg  will have age appropriate treats inside.  

May 6, 2022

Mother's Day Tea Party 

Friday May 6th we are celebrating mothers with a tea party! Between 4-5pm come inside and have a cup of iced tea and treats served to you by your little ones. They will also have a very special gift just for you made by them. If you have some extra time stay for a little craft that you can do with your little one! 

**Bring your to go cup if you wont be able to stay for long so you can enjoy the iced tea that your little ones helped make. 

Image by Brooke Lark
Image by Linda Söndergaard

June 17, 2022

Father's Day Coffee and Donuts 

We are honouring our Fathers Friday June 17th! Stop in between 4-5pm to enjoy a tasty donut and pick up your special new to go mug decorated with love by your little one!If you have some extra time stay for a little craft that you can do with your little one! 

** If you are unable to stay we still want you to be able to enjoy a sweet treat with your little one so to go bags are available for donuts. 

July 10, 2022

Field Trip Day - Edmonton Zoo 

Our yearly weekend field trip is planned for Sunday July 10th. 

Join us for an adventure at the Zoo, There will be a few fun activities planned and opportunities to participate in a fun little craft. More info to follow closer to the day! 

Image by Daiga Ellaby
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