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Popsicle Stick Puzzles

This fun and simple craft idea is a great way to get creative!


What We Used :

  • Popsicle Sticks

  • Masking tape

  • Acrylic Paint

  • Paint Brushes

  • Mod Podge

  • Envelopes

We used paint for ours but I have seen people use felt pens or crayons which also look great and would make it easier to do this activity with younger children.

Step 1: Taping the popsicle sticks together, I used three strips across the back to make sure they were secure while the children painted them.

Step 2: Painting the popsicle sticks white. This isn't necessary but I wanted to make sure the colours they painted on their puzzles would be vibrant and not bleed.

Step 3: Once the white paint is completely dry we used a pencil to draw on our designs. This step helps them figure out what they'd like to draw and it gives them guideline when they start painting.

Step 4: Picking their colours and Painting! - I also found out that it's a good idea to number the popsicle sticks on the back incase they need help building their puzzle.

Step 5: Mod Podge - Once the paint is dry seal it!

Step 6: Take the tape off and enjoy!

We also decided to colour envelopes to match our puzzles so we wouldn't forget what our puzzle looked like. The kiddos also decided to name their puzzles,

Pokemon Valley, Lemon Squeeze, Over the Rainbow, The Smiling Sun, Pumpkin & Lollilicous!

My kiddos loved it so much they wanted to make more the next day!

Somethings I would maybe try next time :

  • Use the big popsicle sticks.

  • Get the kiddos to come up with designs on a blank piece of paper first, drawing on popsicle sticks can be tricky.


Have Fun & Happy Crafting!

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