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Play Space Makeover

Since moving into our new house I've been hesitant to open my Dayhome again, but not for the reason you may be thinking. I LOVED having Dayhome, and even though our old house was tiny (only 750 Sq/f) and cramped for both my growing family and Dayhome business I loved being able to work from home doing something that I absolutely love, Child Care! But after moving life just got so busy and our new house constantly looked like a tornado went through it.

It was frustrating and overwhelming to say the least, but now that school is done for both myself and the girls I decided to get motivated and turn this space from a hot mess into an inspiring and inviting playroom. A lot of the stuff I already had and this make over only costed me about $250.

The majority of the work was actually just going through all these toys, but after donating a bunch and sorting the rest it was mostly just cosmetic stuff left to do. I really wanted to brighten up the space and make it open and inviting, for both myself and the kids. So I started by painting over the dark grey wall with the only paint I had on hand . . . White. That alone made the space feel so much more open but I also added the wood trim to add some dimension and character. After I added in all my IKEA furniture that I either already had or just picked up (I'll post the links to everything below). Then it was just a matter of placing everything where I wanted it.

I'm super happy with the finished room and my girls love spending time in here! I can't wait for August when my Dayhome will finally be open again!



White 8 Cubed Shelf - KALLAX Shelf unit -

Storage Table - FLISAT Children's table -

Stools - FLISAT Children's stools -

Children's Chair - POANG Children's arm chair -

White Small Skinny table - LACK TV bench -

White Small Square table - LACK side table -

Book Shelves - FLISAT wall storage -

Play Kitchen - DUKTIG Plat Kitchen -

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