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Leaf Hedgehogs

Okay where has this year gone?! 👀


Well Fall is here which means it’s time for all those cute nature crafts we all know and love! Here is one that these little ones really enjoyed start to finish. On our morning walk the other day we all got a basket to fill with leaves, sticks and pinecones. These three would often stop to see what each other got and compare their finds. When we got home the little ones helped me sort our nature treasures. We explored each thing carefully before putting it in the right basket, one of them got a really spiky pinecone.. we put that one back outside!

The next day we pulled out out lead basket, we noticed the leaves changed a bit over night, they were a bit more crunchy and a lot more brown! I printed out this cute little hedgehog and we glue our leaves to his back. A couple were confident enough to use the glue stick alone which was awesome to see! And the littlest I helped by applying the glue and letting her press the leaves into it. A few time her little finger touched the glue and she wasn’t sure about the stickiness but did a great job!

I think our little leaf hedgehogs turned out so cute!

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