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Fall Leaf Activity

Exploring Fall Leaves

The past few days have been warm and sunny so we have been spending most of our time enjoying the changing seasons outside. E has been collecting all the "pretty leaves" she finds on our walks. Today we decided we needed to bring them inside to have a better look at all the different shapes and colours.

I knew that with a toddler and baby exploring them they wouldn't last very long so I laminated them and hung them on my living room window. The natural light shining through them really made the colours POP! ( who needs a light table when you have a big low window, haha )

I really wanted to make a craft out of all these beautiful Fall leaves so what I did was painted E & G's hands (9 years in Childcare I can safely tell you that children love getting their hands painted! ) and made Fall coloured handprints. I then laminated and cut those and some of the leaves we collected out to make this cute little mobile!

Fall Mobile


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