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Abstract Portraits!

Yesterday the kiddos and I were in a particularly artsy mood. I had some art techniques and ideas that I wanted to share and challenge them with and this is what we came up with. . . .

Line art portraits with block colour backgrounds! I absolutely LOVE how they turned out and how each is unique just like them!

We started with our block colour background. The kiddos seemed to have a lot of fun with this processes and during it we discussed how they looked like puzzles ( *Saving that idea for another day! ). While they were drawing out their shapes I showed them pictures of art by Piet Mondrian and how we were doing something similar with blocks of colour.

After seeing his art they all really wanted to colour in the shapes with marker but I shared a hint with them about how we were going to fill in the shapes with colour - "We will be using water in the next step!"

"WHAT?!" - H

"Water?! are we painting?" - A

We used the water and paint brushes to pull the colour from the water based marker we drew our shapes with to fill them in - Just like watercolour paints! It gave them a really beautiful ombre look.

"WOW! I love the look of this!" - L

The next step was to draw our One Line Art Portraits. This was a bit of a tricky concept for the kids but after some practice and looking at examples it was a really fun challenge! The trick is not to lift your pencil of the paper while you draw yourself!

We then used markers and pencil crayons to colour them in.

Cut.Glue and TA-DA!

They were all so proud of there work <3.

Supplies we used :

+ Canson Watercolor paper - Cold Press

+ Crayola Washable Markers

+ Paint Brushes ( We found smaller brush works best )

+ Regular Paper ( we use sketch book paper but regular printer paper would also work )

+ Pencil Crayons

+ Pencils

+ Sharpie

May 4, 2020 - Where the Flowers Grow Early Learning & Child Care

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