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Children in the Garden


I strive to provide a nature based play space to motivate and inspire imaginative play. There are so many wonderful benefits to exploring and playing in nature and incorporating it into our daily activities is a big part of my program. 

** Our outdoor play space is being upgraded and landscaped in the new year! Look for updates Spring 2020!

In the Playground


Children are naturally motivated to play, and in my program I use this drive to encourage them to explore, experiment, discover and solve problems in an imaginative and playful way. I use their passion for play and support their learning through positive interactions. Play is a wonderful way to enable children to work out their ideas and theories and use what they already know to deepen their understanding and further their learning. 

"Play nourishes every aspect of children's development. ...Play develops the foundation of intellectual, social, physical, and emotional skills necessary for success in school and in life. It "paves the way for learning". " - ( Canadian Council on Learning, 2006,p.2)

Girl Painter


With a Waldorf philosophy I give children the freedom to work in a broad range of areas and pursue their own interests. I focus on art and music and most of our day is spent exploring artistic mediums, story telling, visual arts, dance, music and crafts. I strongly encourage pretend and imaginative play and provide a technology free environment for your child.

Observing Flowers

Reggio Emillia

I provide a learning environment based on my observations of your child's likes and interests. Children are given a wide range of materials to express themselves, such as paint, clay, wire, and natural and recycled materials. 


Children are naturally curious and want to explore the unknown. I encourage and support this by providing a safe space and opportunities for them to explore and learn. I observe and work along side your child as they explore. I help them work through problems as well as inspire them by asking open-ended questions.


"What do you think will happen to the play dough if we add more water to it?"  

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