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I enjoy everything about moths, I find them both fascinating and beautiful. I photograph and draw them often.


From reading to my girls before bed to curling up with a cup of tea and a good book it is a favourite past time of mine.


Foraging and cataloging mushrooms is something I really enjoy doing when I'm out in nature. 

Fibre Art

This is everything from Weaving and Knitting to Embroidery and Sewing.


On my spare time I love painting with watercolour and sketching things like moths, birds and mushrooms. 


I have been swimming since I was little. I did competitive for many years and It is still my favourite sport. I also love doing it with my family.


Music is just something that is apart of my life. It helps me relax and is always on in my house during the day. My husband is a musician and I hope that my girls love music as much as we do!


It's been 5 years now since I got into gardening and I love everything about it! The smell of dirt to watching what I plant grow into something beautiful. I have a vegetable garden that I love in the summer and in the winter months I have my 52 house plants! 

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