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August 2010

Edmonton International Fringe Festival - KIDS

  • Welcomed families to the Kids Fringe. 

  • Helped children with pre planned crafts. 

  • Supervised and lead games; parachute games, hula hooping, Red rover, etc. 

  • Helped manage the Face painting line and line for Puppet show. 


May 2019 - August 2019

Xtreme FC U9 Girls Team Manager

  • Kept in close contact with coaches and parents.  

  • Sent out multiple emails a day keeping everyone updated on games, practices and tournaments. 

  • Relayed messages between head office and the coaches. 

  • Set up game fields. 

  • Filled out and sent in game sheets. 

  • Kept up with paper work for the team. 

  • Ordered and picked up team uniforms. 


November 2015

Mentored a Dayhome Student from Norquest College.

  • Hosted a student in my Dayhome for a week.

  • Went over my planning.

  • Worked together to set up activities and crafts. 

  • Explained my daily routine. 

  • Answered questions. 

  • Showed her tips and tricks.

  • Gave her opportunities to utilize what she was learning in class.

  • Role model.

  • Helped her set goals.

  • Provided guidance.


September 2017 - June 2018

Girl Guides Troop Leader - SPARKS 

  • Provided guidance, fun and friendship while delivering a dynamic program to girls from 5 to 6 years old.

  • Worked with the other Guiders in the unit.

  • Worked with girls during unit meetings.

  • Treasurer; responsible for handling Girl Guides of Canada funds.

  • Ordered Cookies for our troop. 

  • Attended district meetings. 

  • Planned fun and educational camps and field trips. 

  • Helped girls earn each badge. 

  • Organized and lead badge ceremonies.

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