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Kids Blowing Bubbles


Family Day Home 

Licensed Dayhome with Child Development Dayhomes



To provide your child a loving home away from home.

At Where the Flowers Grow I believe in nurturing a child's need to learn and grow through play-based learning. I plan daily activities around the children's likes and interests then provided them with the tools to explore and discover. 

My goal is to ensure that your child's time with me sets them up for a love of learning, exploring and investigation that will last a lifetime. 

** Daily communication and reports through HiMama and Storypark


I wouldn't be where I am today in my career without my little ones and their families. I have formed amazing relationships throughout the years and I appreciate them all! These kind words from past and present families warm my heart and help remind me why it is I got into child care in the first place. 


Thank you all for everything and allowing me to spend every day with your precious little ones who fill my heart with joy! 

"I'm so happy. H absolutely loves her and the day home. I'm always so excited to get the updates about H's day. Makes me so happy knowing she is so well taken care of. I also love all the projects and crafts Nathalie does with the kids. I can't say it enough but I'm so happy with everything. Thanks Nathalie! "


"I can only add how amazing Nathalie has been. She was incredibly welcoming to my family, and my kids absolutely love day home! Nathalie's day home is a diamond in the rough.. We will miss her in September when the kids return to school.  "


"I absolutely adore Nathalie and her girls! Being a first time mama it was so hard for me to trust and leave my baby girl with someone when I went back to work. Nathalie has made that transition absolutely seamless. She has helped me in soooo many ways,Thank you for everything Nathalie!"


"Nathalie is amazing! She is tentative to my child's needs, she communicates very well about what has happened any day that my child is there.I am very grateful to have this woman and family in mine and my sons life. She is also very accommodating whenever my schedule for work or school changes. We love Nathalie and her dayhome!."


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